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Bangor City Forest & Bog

Bangor Land Trust Map
Bangor City Forest Map

This area covers the Bog ( Walden Parke) and Bangor City Forest. This riding area is close to the Bangor Mall and I-95. Lots of of old school techy trails. The Bog is renowned  by riders throughout Maine

Essex woods

Essex Woods

Essex Woods is located in the heart of Bangor and minutes from downtown. You will find a little elevation at this old ski hill and some modern trails along with old school gnar.

Orono - UMO - Old Town

Orono Mountain Biking
UMO Trails
Old Town Trails

Many trails of all abilities can be found in the area. Some really sweet techy  trails can be had. It is easy to link up a ride in all 3 areas.  Close to the town and the University.

Swan's Trails

Swan's Trails
Perch Pond Recreational Trails

Swan Trails, named for Rick Swan, are designed on 100s of acres including the shores of a beautiful Maine pond. Weather you are a novice or expert you can find trails to challenge your ability.

Kiski Trails of Dedham

Kiski Trails 
Dedham Mountain Biking
Single track Acadia

Expect to do a lot of climbing at the Dedham Trails. There is a gravel road leading to the top and numerous singletracks leading off of it. Many of these are rocky or challenging. Sone have wooden ramps over damp areas..

Newman Hill

Newman Hill
Bangor Hill
Single Track

The singletrack on Newman and Bangor hills is technical, narrow, and twisty. And steep. In one ride, you may travel less than five to 10 miles, but I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of it and be exhausted at the end of the ride.